Music Monday: Parachute – ‘Wide Awake’ Review


Parachute released  their fourth studio album on Friday, March 11 titled “Wide Awake.” The 12-song LP showcases the bands wide range of jazz, pop and rock tunes that define the Virgina based trio.  

Composed of Will Anderson, Johnny Stubblefield and Kit French, the album kicks off with their single “Without You,” an upbeat, gospel-esque love song that stays true to the Parachute sound. Lead-singer, Anderson, showcases his vocal abilities in “What Side Of Love” and especially in “Everything” where he is accompanied by a piano. 

Fans get to swoon over their favorite member wishing they were singing “Lonely With Me,” “Jennie” and “When You Move” to them. 

Parachute gives us some edge with, (my personal favorite), “Love Me Anyway,” where’d they get that sass? There is a weird transition from “When You Move” and “Getaway,” being that you are in a slow song, pensive mood then bam the next song hits you hard. 

“Crave” is a fun, hip shaking song that was also pre-released and “What Breaks My Heart” is the classics Parachute forbidden love track in the likes of “What I Know” and “Mess I’ve Made.”

The album concludes with “Waking Up,” the perfect record, soft, mellow with a cheerful sound, to bring us to the end of the album. Overall it might be my favorite Parachute album since 2009’s “Losing Sleep.” 

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Music Monday: Parachute Announce New Album & Tour


Great news for Parachute fans!

Will Anderson, Johnny Stubblefield and Kit French announced the release of their next album titled “Wide Awake.” The band’s fourth LP will be released on March 11th and available for pre-order on iTunes this Friday!

Their first single, “Without You,” is also being released at the end of the week. We’re also told to be on the lookout for a preview coming in the next couple of days.

The trio also announced tour dates for their accompanying “Wide Awake Tour”which kicks off March 26 at the Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville, Virginia and ends May 7th at the Old Rock House in St. Louis, Missouri.

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I Can’t Help But Love “I Can’t Help”

#MusicMonday brings the newest single Parachute has put out of their up and coming new album “Overnight”.

The band has changed up their style for their third record while still keeping the crowed pleased with hits like “I Can’t Help”. Front man Will Anderson continues to sway the ladies with his impeccable smile, style and sweet sweet voice.

Wishing I was the leading lady in this video, it’s irresistibly watchable.

Let me know your thoughts on the video as well as your fav Parachute song of all time!?

She (For Liz) is obviously mine 😉

Happy watching!