I Can’t Help But Love “I Can’t Help”

#MusicMonday brings the newest single Parachute has put out of their up and coming new album “Overnight”.

The band has changed up their style for their third record while still keeping the crowed pleased with hits like “I Can’t Help”. Front man Will Anderson continues to sway the ladies with his impeccable smile, style and sweet sweet voice.

Wishing I was the leading lady in this video, it’s irresistibly watchable.

Let me know your thoughts on the video as well as your fav Parachute song of all time!?

She (For Liz) is obviously mine 😉

Happy watching!

That One Time ‘On Camera’ #TBT

#TBT To my first “on-camera” interview for Celebuzz back in 2012 at the Independent Spirit Awards. I wasn’t seen on the camera but it was my first time having a videographer instead of using a recorder and transcribing the interviews later.

I remember that day, the night before, heck that week! Getting the assignment was a big moment for me. Used to only covering Disney and Nickelodeon events, which I thoroughly enjoyed, this was monumental for a junior reporter. I constantly looked at my notes, asked question to the other editorial team members, and was so excited and freaked out that I didn’t know how to enjoy my night out before the big day.

But I did it, it was exhilarating and nerve wrecking at the same time. Above is a snippet from one of the interviews I did with The Descendants‘ star Amara Miller. It makes me laugh and I critique myself nonstop, but it was a moment in my life for which I am extremely thankful for.

To see the full article and more videos of me interviewing some more attendees of the 2012 Independent Spirit Awards click here!