Hart of Dixie Recap: “Miracles” – Midseason Finale


It’s the midseason finale of Hart of Dixie and Hanukkah is coming around the corner for Joel and Zoe. But let’s not forget the bigger problem here Dr. Brick is going to be a dad! Forgot all about that? Recap last week’s episode HERE!

Joel’s nanna Sylvie is in town to celebrate Hanukkah and absolutely adores Zoe. She is a lovely lady who believes that this holiday is a time for miracles and reminds us that its a time to expect the unexpected.

Funny how things in BlueBell happen unexpectedly, Brick runs into Shelby who is so excited to see him and tells him all about Fancys and totally misses the news about her baby bump, Tanzy is back in town and Zoe has a patient who happened to be her uncle and gets along with him splendidly. She asks him to lunch with Joel and his nanna, they have a great time and Uncle Brando ends up taking a liking to Sylvie. Until Vivienne, Zoe’s cousin who greatly dislikes her, takes Brando away and tells Zoe to never get in contact with the Wilkes.

The Harvest Festival is upon BlueBell and things are going to get interesting. Brick has a date with Shelby and desperately needs an intervention as he is getting over his head with the baby situation. Lemon has to call up Grandma Breeland to take measures into her hands who unexpectedly advices Brick to marry Shelby.

Wade has a bad toothache and it’s good to have Tanzy back in his life who’s taking some care of him. As he ends up taking one too many pills he gets a little cooky. Too cooky maybe because as Zoe is out in town, she runs into Wade who walks up to her and gives her a great kiss! The next morning Zoe goes to Wades and tells him that can never happen again and Joel must not know.

After Brando goes to Zoe and asks where Sylvie is she tells him she’s at Bingo, though the next day the two are nowhere to be found. Zoe goes into the haystacks and ends up finding the two love birds canoodling. Outside though Brick and Shelby run into each other and she tells him she is pregnant, Brick asks who the lucky guy is and she says “you won’t believe who it is” and leaves us hanging. While Lemon and grandma are discussing Brick’s situation Grandma B says she will mold the new baby into her image and knows she won’t mess up with this baby like she messed up with Lemon and Magnolia. How rude! Until Brick comes in and says the baby is not his, that Shelby got artificially inseminated. As Grandma Breeland walks away angrily she ends up breaking her hip and thus making Lemon go and take care of her.

We had found out that Zoe’s cousin is going through a divorce and that is why she is taking out her anger on Zoe. Zoe re-invited her to Hanukkah and says she will consider it. Looks like things could be getting better for Zoe and the Wilkes. As Vivienne walks away she runs into Wade who start chit chatting it up. OH NO!! Could this be the start of a new relationship!?

Hanukkah dinner is underway and Sylvie is cooking up some tasty food. Just when it looked like it was going to be a small gathering the Wilkes come over for dinner and it’s a Hanukkah miracle. Wade is also there and him and Vivienne share another moment and I’m feeling a little bothered at this time, judge me for being Team Wade? The dinner is a success and Zoe has the family she wanted. As Vivienne takes her leave Zoe asks if she needs a ride and says she has one, as Wade asks if she’s ready, Zoe’s confused face ends the show. But let’s not forget about George Tucker who is having a low key night with some take-in from the Rammer Jammer, where he runs into Tanzy who works there now after Wade offered her a job. Will a new love triangle form with Tanzy, George and Lynly? Or can we just concentrate on how Wade might date Zoe’s cousin?

We’ll have to wait a couple months until the next episode.


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