The Originals Recap: “The River in Reverse”


Thank goodness for a new The Originals, it has been two weeks since the last episode and my oh my what an episode. To recap it and freshen up on what has happened, such as Elijah turning against Klaus, Klaus biting Elijah, Tyler giving secret info out and Rebekah seeking revenge, read it HERE!

Elijah is hallucinating from Klaus’ bite and Hayley is right by his side. Rebekah goes into confession to repent her sins but knows that even a human God cannot save him. As Tyler Lockwood goes to Marcel to tell him all about Klaus’ baby, he gets all of the vamps to rally up against him until Rebekah comes and tells them she is on their side but the baby must not be harm in anyway.

Klaus recruits Cami to write his biography and when she psychoanalyzes him and Klaus gets all worked up when Cami tells him he is scared and has trust issues. He then goes to Father Kieran to tell him to tell Cami to leave town. Elijah on the otherhand is not doing so well with the bite that Klaus has given him. With Hayley by his side he starts hallucinating, she enters his mind and sees thoughts of another beautiful woman in a bathtub. The woman is none other than Celeste, a witch who was friendly with Elijah back many centuries ago.


Rebekah and Marcel have Josh on their team now and are using him to draw Klaus in and thus begin their plan. Klaus arrives at Marcel’s headquarters and sees Rebekah, As Marcel calls his vamps in it’s go time! Klaus makes a grand speech about eternity and not able to be killed. He then offers a coin to who ever wants to be on his side, no one takes it. Battle begins!

As things start to get vicious and Klaus’ hybrid instincts kick in, fear and shock are in Rebekah and Marcel’s eyes. Klaus yells for Marcel to finish it off as he keeps murdering every single vampire that gets in his way. Rebekah fearing for Marcel’s life tells him to take the coin, save himself and stop the fighting. Finally Marcel picks up the coin and declares himself to Klaus.

Elijah continues to hallucinate and goes into his own memories of long ago. Flashbacks of Klaus killing people in New Orleans and Elijah trying to make him stop, Klaus has sent to gather all the witches to be burned and this is where Celeste comes in play. When he semi gets back to real life he starts attacking Hayley thinking she is Klaus but gets stopped by a ware wolf who happens to be part of her family. She goes on to explain why she decided to get rid of her wolf mark to avoid death and Marcel.

Back at the compounds of Marcel, death as overcome many vampires and a ceremony is in place. Marcel tells Klaus that if he’s going to kill him to do it. He tells him that he can have all of it, the land, New Orleans but one thing he will never have is loyalty. One thing that Klaus never taught him.

Hayley continues to wonder what became of Celeste and asks to see what happened. Flashback of Celeste dying in a tub and Elijah crying appear. Hayley asks why he fights so hard to change Klaus when his family is so torn. Elijah tells her that all he wants it to fix his family, he has eternity and that everyone that he cares for gets hurts. Things get super emotional when Klaus gets back home and Rebekah asks who he’s going to dagger to punish for what they’ve done. Elijah walks in and and tells him to stop. Klaus tells him that this has everything to do with Hayley, that since she adores Elijah his baby will grow up calling Elijah father. Rebekah stops him and tells him that doesn’t he understand that they will not leave him, Klaus just pushes them away. Klaus says that history repeats itself, that they end up siding with his enemies and never believing in him. Now that Klaus has his homeland back he tells them that they can stay there and rot. Tears falling from Klaus’ eyes and his brother and sister left behind, he walks out and tells Hayley that she is coming with him since the baby is the only thing that he cares about.

the orig

Back at the church where Father Kieran and Cami are, Cami talks to her uncle about her blackouts and that maybe she was trying to send herself a message. After doing some research she discovers an old newspaper clipping from 1919 where Klaus and Marcel are together. She is in shock and tells her uncle that she knows those men!

And just when it’s getting good we’re left to wonder what will happen next. What were your thoughts on this week’s episode? Can’t Klaus just love his family?

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