NYFW: Liz Takes New York Fashion Week – Day 3


Last and final day in my New York trip 😦 I woke up, re-packed, got dressed and did some work before I had head led out to meet up with a Chilean blogger Nicole Putz. It was cold but it was the last day and I had to make the most of it!

I went down to the hotel lobby and worked on some articles before I had to head out and take the subway to the Lincoln center. I had become a pro by now so the subway to and from Times Square to the Lincoln center was cake! I met up with Nicole at Starbucks to chat a bit about her work and how she came all the way from Chile to New York Fashion week. She was a doll! I also met her photographer who was working with her during her stay in New York, Andrea, super sweet and talented.

Then I headed off to the Lie SangBong show at 1 p.m., my last show of NYFW and one of my favs.


I had never heard of this designer, (#NewbieMe), but Mr. Lie was very talented and I loved each piece that took the runway. I really enjoyed his coats and the patented leather burgundy and navy heels with socks and decided that I have to try that look! The coats were a variety of black, red, burgundy and navy, my colors that I’ve loved for this winter time. I also loved some of the trouser pants that had lace detailing on them.

After the show I headed back to my hotel and worked on some stories. I had a phoner with Custo Barcelona designer Custo Dalmau and then I decided to take in the city one last time before I had to go home. I took a bus to go around the city but still failed to capture all of it in like an hour. I saw the Empire State Building and Macy’s, went through different areas and saw the new World Trade Center from far away. But sadly did not get to see the Statue of Liberty. At around 5:30 p.m. I had to grab a taxi and head to the airport which took over an hour and a half to get to the airport which was packed and then I literally ran to my terminal and was the last one to get on the plane. Once I sat down they took off, talk about making them wait hahaha. Then I started my flight back to L.A. and realized how awesome this whole trip truly was. 🙂


I wish I could have seen more, done more and had more time to do waaaay more coverage. But really a New York minute is faster than a second and time went by so fast!

Until next time NYC, you truly captivated me!

xoxo Liz Cal

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