Trendsetting Tuesday: Splurge or Steal – Jimmy Choo


What if you could splurge on everything you wanted and feel no regrets? We know there’s more to life than material possessions and believe me we all aren’t movie stars with a wad load of cash. But if you do happen to stumble across a certain something that you can’t stop thinking about, there are always alternatives.

Let’s look at your options!

Jimmy Choo came out with an exceptionally glamorous Tia heel, bedazzled and bejeweled, this heel is on point! Black, pointed toe and a gold heel this would be a must-have but with a selling price of over $4,000, we need to reevaluate our wants. That’s when I stumbled across the site Make Me Chic and found the Liliana Rubik-3 (featured on the right) for a whopping $49.

While it might not be your dream Jimmy Choo shoe, it’s better than nothing and still quite cute and affordable to splurge on for any upcoming festive event. We’re not made of money but if this Steal shoe from has you falling in love like it has me, you can find it HERE.

Have any Splurge vs. Steal ideas? Comment below!

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Trendsetting Tuesday: Trouser Galore

printed pantsIt’s never too late to dish on some major fashion trends. This time I’m here to report on one comfy and uberstylish must-have that I’ve added to my wardrobe.

Trousers! And not just any, but printed trousers. Whether they’re wide leg, fitted, or skinny I can’t get enough of them. Adding them to your closet will help you in many ways, here’s how!printed trousers

First they are comfortable, who doesn’t like a little comfort? Secondly, they are fashionable and can enhance your outfit tremendously when done right, something that plain black or grey trousers fail to do. Thirdly, you can wear flats, sandals, heels or wedges and still make it look like you tried to dress up even when you didn’t. Lastly, they are available anywhere! From affordable Forever21 designs to designer made, they are so easy to find. I found my favorite pair for only $20 at the mall.

printed-trousers-trendWhat I love about them is the fact that a simple basic top can be paired with the printed pant. A blazer, leather jacket or coat can enhance your look by making it casual or dressy.  I recommend grabbing a great multicolored pair and adding a colorful blazer like the outfit above with the yellow one.

You don’t have to go all out. If you are new to wearing this much print keep your accessories to a minimum until you find the perfect pair that makes you feel superb and then try dazzling it up a bit. The great part about these pants are that they are the statement.

There literally are thousand of prints, colors, designs and styles that finding the perfect ones won’t be difficult. Unless you fall in love with all of them and end up wanting multiple pairs! But who cares these trousers are timeless. print-trousers

Wear them at the office, school, work, church, a date, a concert, you can be seen in them anywhere and look like you stepped out of a fashion magazine. Try it out and let me know how you style this awesome trend. Are you a bright colored chica, basic black and white, floral print, animal print or all of the above lover?

As for me I’m a must-have-all! Every time I pull them out I wear it with something different. If I have a black and white pair I’ll sometimes throw on a basic black top and add a chunky statement necklace, high pony and depending on the outing heels or sandals. Never the same look twice!


90’s Grunge Shoot with Lex.Dorethy

photo 3Look out world I’m becoming a model….hahaha just kidding.

But when two of my close friends Jessica and Diane the dynamic duo of Lex.Dorethy asked me to be a part of their fun shoot I couldn’t oblige. With a 90’s girly grunge theme enhanced with dark makeup, plaid, leather jackets and a fun set who couldn’t have a grand time?!

photo 4We ventured over to the Old LA abandoned Zoo near Griffith Park and had a blast with wardrobe and laughing at ourselves as we tried to model. The serious grunge faces made us giggle non-stop, we had to change in an old abandoned shack and  it burning up as we tried not to sweat off our makeup.

We had three wardrobe changes starting off with a girly look with a floral print dress and plaid shirt and flower crowns hand made by Lex.Dorethy themselves. Next look added distressed shorts, band and comic tee with booties. The last look would be the image above, a long soft colored maxi skirt and a black cut out cropped top.

It was so refreshing to just spend a creative day with friends. Jessica has been working on a great video that I will post soon to show you all! It’s still strange to see me in pictures and a constantly laugh at them but I remember the good time it was taking them and I can’t wait to brainstorm another one.


All styling and makeup was done by Jessica, Diane and myself!

Below are just snapshots from the day.