Throwing It Back: Celebuzz Goes 1-on-1 with Elton John’s 13-Year-Old Protege Tallia Storm

Welcome to the New Year! 2014 is well on its way and let’s throw it back for this first Thursday of the year.

Starting off with an exclusive interview with Elton John‘s Tallia Storm. Below is an excerpt from the interview I conducted and for the full article go HERE!

Tallia Storm

At only 13-years old, Miss Tallia Storm is making her mark on the music world. Discovered by the legendary Sir Elton John and partner David Furnish, Tallia is already being guided by one of the industry’s most influential artists. Celebuzz got the chance to sit down for a one-on-one with the talented star!

After getting a personal call from Sir Elton himself, she was asked to open up for his Scotland concert at The Falkirk Stadium coming up in June. Her R&B and jazz vibe showcase her deep and soulful signature voice that caught his attention. Sitting down with the young stylish singer we asked about her musical stardom, music influence’s and her unique and fashion forward style!

How did your music career start?

It kind of started by chance really, I’ve sung all my life. When I was younger, like 5, I wanted to be a pop star as you all do when you are younger. Ever since then, it kind of stuck with me. My dad is a jazz pianist and I was brought up with music all my life.

How did the opportunity to open up for Elton John come about?

At Christmas time, I was doing a breakfast one morning. David Furnish, Elton John’s partner, was having breakfast and I thought, this is the one shot, when are you ever going to  be in the same room again? I was like, I have to do something! I went up to the room to get paper and an envelope, wrote a quick note and put my demo inside it.  We went up to him and I didn’t expect anything from him, because of the amount of people who probably go up to him. The next day we were going through the San Francisco airport and my phone rings. We were going through security, believe it or not. It was just like, ‘oh this is Sir Elton John’ and I was like oh. I was trying to explain to him that we were going through security and the guys were like turn off your phone. I explained to him after we got through and then my phone died.  [Later], I finally got to speak to him. He [said] I’ve let my whole band listen to your songs, I love your music you’ve got a brilliant signature and this brilliant soul especially from a 13-year-old — and I couldn’t believe it! We spoke to him and he’s like, would you like to sing with me when I’m in Scotland? So I’ve just been working really hard towards the gig and in Scotland and it’s just great and surreal.

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