Backstreet Boys: Always Ready To Dance

What a whirlwind of emotions the past couple of weeks have been for me. La Vida Liz is definitely loca and now I am in some serious relaxing time. On this late Sunday night, I’d like to take a moment to remember September 4th. The “In A World Like This” Backstreet Boys concert in Los Angeles at the Gibson Amphitheater.

They showcased their best and beloved singles, had beautiful harmonies and busted out those favorite dance moves that made us fall in love with them.

Join me in reminiscing a great show and one of their most famous and greatest dance routine.

90’s Grunge Shoot with Lex.Dorethy

photo 3Look out world I’m becoming a model….hahaha just kidding.

But when two of my close friends Jessica and Diane the dynamic duo of Lex.Dorethy asked me to be a part of their fun shoot I couldn’t oblige. With a 90’s girly grunge theme enhanced with dark makeup, plaid, leather jackets and a fun set who couldn’t have a grand time?!

photo 4We ventured over to the Old LA abandoned Zoo near Griffith Park and had a blast with wardrobe and laughing at ourselves as we tried to model. The serious grunge faces made us giggle non-stop, we had to change in an old abandoned shack and  it burning up as we tried not to sweat off our makeup.

We had three wardrobe changes starting off with a girly look with a floral print dress and plaid shirt and flower crowns hand made by Lex.Dorethy themselves. Next look added distressed shorts, band and comic tee with booties. The last look would be the image above, a long soft colored maxi skirt and a black cut out cropped top.

It was so refreshing to just spend a creative day with friends. Jessica has been working on a great video that I will post soon to show you all! It’s still strange to see me in pictures and a constantly laugh at them but I remember the good time it was taking them and I can’t wait to brainstorm another one.


All styling and makeup was done by Jessica, Diane and myself!

Below are just snapshots from the day.

Rewind To 1999 VMA’s

From all the commotion of Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards I decided to not even add anymore fuel to the fire and say what everyone has already said. So to take it back to the good ol’ days when I watched enthusiastically and waited for my fav pop artists to show up I decided to post one of my favorite performances.

The days when boy bands ruled the world and they ACTUALLY danced. Backstreet Boys performing “I Want It That Way” and then transitioning to “Larger Than Life”. When A.J.’s crop top was the center of discussion and their choreography made me want to start a dance career.

What was your favorite VMA performance of all time?