Trendsetting Tuesday: Wide Brim Hat

20131203-110426.jpgBest way to cover up a messy mane, add some flare to your wardrobe or just stand out- wide brim hats!

Trending all over the fashion nation, hats have never been more in style. Back in the 70’s wide-brimmed hats were all the rage, now decades later they’ve emerged to perfect any outfit. The great thing about these hats is the way they instantly pump up any outfit from day to night.

There are so many ways to pair a wide-brimmed hat, just admire the images below.  Pair it with black trousers, a chiffon button-up blouse, outlandish statement jacket for a high fashion look. Tone it down with skinny jeans, a clean and crisp white shirt, you can add some edge with a mini skirt and leather jacket, or be date ready with a LBD and heels. 20131203-110435.jpg

They come in many colors and sizes, you can be as subtle as you want or as dramatic. Let the world know you’re ready to make a statement or just hide a bad hair day. You can snatch one for as little as $16 from Forever21 to as high as $400 from Bloomingdales. Find your right color and size and say hello to all your new admirers.

Don’t be shy, go wide or go home!

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Trendsetting Tuesday: The Zoe Report

What’s trending at the moment in La Casa of Liz’ mind you ask? None other than the newly revamped The Zoe Report site by maj, fashion icon Rachel Zoe.

The site is classically delicious, outstanding and a piece of work! Easily to scroll and search and looks unbelievably chic on your mobile device this might just be my new go to! Bringing you even more glamorous stories, fashion picks and interviews The Zoe Report even offers shopping experiences like no other and the satisfaction of knowing that it is all Zoe approved!

Check out the newly revamp site at and watch the video above to see more!

Mag Insider: Beauty Marc by Teen Vogue

teenvogueI got my hands on this month’s September Teen Vogue issue and thank goodness because I got some words of wisdom from Mr. Marc Jacobs himself.

“There’s no right or wrong way to do something, but you’ve got to actually do it. You have to participate and stay open to new experiences. You can’t just receive information from somebody else- you have to live life for yourself.”

And it couldn’t be any more true. As life goes on there are going to be new challenges, new obstacles and new opportunities. And this month brings MJ’s new makeup line exclusively at Sephora. Stating that “makeup is the final accessory to getting all dolled up Marc Jacobs talks to Teen Vogue in the Beauty Marc article available in the Fall Fashion Issue out now.    beauty marc

Already am experienced and savvy fashion designer Jacobs takes to new heights as he embarks on his first ever beauty product line. Makeup Man shares in Teen Vogue that “beauty is a part of the art and ritual of getting dressed to go out into the world.”

He also dishes on his top product picks that include, “the concealer, which I’ve often used after many late nights of working — or a couple nights out.” He also notes the palladium-tip applicator and the lip balm which are guy-tested and girl-approved!

Marc-Jacobs-Beauty-ShoppingAlready a hit with his bags, clothes and rich perfumes and scents, the new beauty line comes complete with concealers, blush, brushes, nail polish and must have eyeshadow and lip sticks. All priced at $18 and up there is something for every cosmetics lover. Check the collection out online or at the nearest Sephora.

To get more words of wisdom from Jacobs himself and a look at his line grab your Teen Vogue issue.

And remember, “Trust your instincts, believe in yourself, and find a group that supports you. It’s hard to overcome fear, but you’ve got to.” – Marc Jacobs