Trendsetting Tuesday: The Zoe Report

What’s trending at the moment in La Casa of Liz’ mind you ask? None other than the newly revamped The Zoe Report site by maj, fashion icon Rachel Zoe.

The site is classically delicious, outstanding and a piece of work! Easily to scroll and search and looks unbelievably chic on your mobile device this might just be my new go to! Bringing you even more glamorous stories, fashion picks and interviews The Zoe Report even offers shopping experiences like no other and the satisfaction of knowing that it is all Zoe approved!

Check out the newly revamp site at and watch the video above to see more!

‘Wedding’ We Go From Here?

'Wedding' We Go From Here?

Skater dress
$23 –

Plein Sud blazer
$460 –

I’ll be attending a close friends’ wedding tomorrow and thought about what I would wear. Some tips for a great wedding outfit would be to wear something comfortable, cute and fun!
A cocktail dress is perfect as it folds out and isn’t too over the top like a tight party dress would be. Simple heels are a must if you go for a colorful dress. Add a statement necklace to bring the party to your outfit. Minimize the rest of your look with a small bracelet or a couple of rings. It is still very hot in Southern California so i would advise to wear your hair up for an out door wedding. A stylish up-do works wonders with strapless dresses as does a sleek ponytail.
Always remember that a small clutch is essential to store necessary items and don’t bulk it up with tons of unnecessary clutter. Remember to have fun and enjoy the party!