The Vampire Diaries Recap: “500 Years of Solitude”


Welcome back to a new The Vampire Diaries and mid season premiere of “500 Years of Solitude”.  Refresh your memory on what happened back in December with “Fifty Shades of Grayson”.

Now it so happens that we left off with Katherine falling down the stairs from a heart attack. Another one suffering is Elena, who just got dumped by Damon. Damon in need of some guys night, decides to play a drinking game with Matt and Jeremy which is about who Katherine screwed over the most. Then with a call from Stefan, Elena, Caroline and Bonnie arrive to play as well. I think they’re going to need more booze.

Dying and annoyed Katherine just wants to end her life, even in death her vanity pours out like no other. Stefan is there to comfort her and musters up a little compassion. But maybe he shouldn’t. Then out of nowhere Nadia knocks out Matt while he’s getting more booze and Stefan goes to join the gang to drink but strangely praises Katherine. Oh and then it slips that Stefan slept with Katherine and Elena is just not having this new news. So Nadia arrives to tell them that they better help her keep Katherine alive or it’s goodbye Matt. Ugh she sucks!

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The Vampire Diaries Recap: “Handle With Care”


So Silas is here and ready to die!

Last week’s episode turned the mystical evil one back into a witch, Katherine isn’t dead and Tyler left leaving poor Caroline all alone. See the full recap HERE.

Now first thing on the list, the anchor, the one thing that Silas needs to shut down so he can die peacefully and reunite with his one true love. While Qetsiyah had a drunk night with Stefan, there were apparently body shots.


The anchor is in the hands of the travelers, who constantly move it around so as to never be found. As Qetsiyah tries to go out and defeat Silas she is stuck inside her cabin bounded by a spell performed by Silas. When Elena goes to talk to Stefan, she too is stuck inside with her fav witch.

It’s a boy trip for Silas, Damon and Jeremy as they embark to find the anchor. Little do they know that Qetsiyah lured in Elena to use her as bait to make Damon kill Silas and not find the anchor. Which means no coming back for Bonnie as Silas won’t be able to perform the spell to bring her back.


Dr. Maxfield is sure to have some things one his mind as Caroline and Katherine team up to take him down. Now trying to drain him from the vervain in his blood to find out what they need to know and then compel him as to not remember what they’ve done.They find out that there is a secret society called Augustine, with select individuals chosen for their extraordinary talents, there is also an Augustine vampire. I’m sure more of this society will come to use as the season progresses.

Something is up with Katherine and it is not fun, for her that is. After being drained of her blood by Silas, we all thought she was a goner. Now her hair is turning white and her teeth are falling off and who knows what else will happen. She ends up running back to Dr. M. to have him help her from dying.


Elena times three, you’ve got to be kidding me right now! Turns out that Qetsiyah is a smarter witch than we thought, maybe even a bonafied genius! So let me catch you up, Damon was going to kill Silas, he got stopped by travelers who don’t want Silas dead. He calls Qetsiyah and she clues him in on who would need the cure that runs through Silas’ veins. Lo and behold after putting the pieces together we discover that Amara is actually alive! The two together at last until that is Silas rescues her and she drains him of his blood because she can’t go on another day.

After Stefan rescues Elena from Qetsiyah trying to kill her, he returns to the Salvatore Estate but to find Qetsiyah in his room. She sure loves her revenge!  Enraged she makes him remember everything that he had forgotten. The memories are too much for him and for me! Leave Stefan alone!

the vampi

Now with Silas nowhere to be found and a third Elena look-a-like, the show ends leaving us to wonder how many more doppelgangers will there be!

What are your thoughts on “Handle With Care”? Too many Elenas to keep track of or not enough?

The Vampire Diaries Recap: “Monster’s Ball”


And we’re back! Last week’s The Vampire Diaries left us crying and gasping as friends reunited for Bonnie’s funeral and hottie Jesse is now becoming a vampire!

For the full recap of last week’s episode click HERE.

Halloween editions are always my favorite, though TVD is always spooky themed for me. This week The Monster’s Ball is upon college life and it’s dress up time for the crew.

We start off with Dr. Maxfield observing new vamp Jesse. Elena writes her sorrows as she deals with Bonnie’s death, Tyler and Caroline are back together and very much in love, or so we think.

Curious Elena knows there is more behind Dr. M and the death of her former roomie Megan. When she meets a random student at Megan’s memorial post she knows he is up to something.


It’s kind of cute how Bonnie is still around and hanging with Jeremy. While they are with Damon they scheme for a plan to work with Silas. Bonnie tells Jeremy that this is not a good idea but since no one else can hear her Jeremy says it’s a go! Poor Bonnie is scared about the consequences of abusing magic. So here’s the thing, Silas wants to die, if he takes the cure, which is Katherine, he becomes a witch. If he dies as a witch he stays alive on the other side so he’s not truly dead. That’s where the problem arrives.

A mystical anchor that Silas wants to break down so that he can actually die is what is stopping him but Qetsiyah wants to keep it up and protect it so he won’t be able to die. Damon chitchatting with Silas is on the verge of setting a game plan until Silas wants Stefan dead to pursue his interest.

At the Ball, everyone is all dressed up and having a semi-grand time as Elena is on the hunt for finding out who Megan’s friend is who is interested in her death.  Damon offers up Stefan to Silas, Qetsiyah arrives and is interested in Stefan but Damon swoops him away. Once in the other room Damon snaps Stefan’s neck so that Silas temporarily has his mind reading powers so that he can fool Qetsiyah into giving him answers about the anchor.


Dr. Maxfield arrives to the Ball, Elena asks for a dance and asks why he lied on the death certificate. We find out that Doctor himself knows that a vampire ripped her throat out and then warms Elena to leave her school and never come back. Sketchy professor right? But one thing we know is that he cares for Aaron, who happens to be the guy that was questioning Megan’s death. Dr. Maxfield is Aaron’s legal guardian.

As we go back to Silas pretending to be Stefan, the real Stefan wakes up and snaps Damon’s neck, runs over to Qetsiyah and tells her that Silas is the one that she’s been talking to. Qetsiyah not one to easily forgive, literally crushes Silas’s heart so he can rot from the inside out.

Meanwhile we discover that Katherine has a daughter and it’s none other than Nadia, the traveler. While Nadie has been keeping her for her own reason’s we find out the story of how Nadie was left behind.

Sad news comes as Tyler says goodbye once more to Caroline. Tyler who’s on a quest to seek revenge against Klaus tells Caroline that he can’t be with her while he wants to hurt Klaus as much as he hurt him and his family. Caroline angered by his attitude gives him an ultimatum, going after Klaus and never being with her again, or staying and being happily together. As Tyler takes a step, we know it’s over.

We end this marvelous episode at the Salvatore estate where Damon and Elena have dried up Silas. Katherine joins the gang and gets thrilled as she thinks that she has more time to spare now that Silas can’t get her. Wrong move K, Damon takes her and feeds her to Silas as she screams that she doesn’t want to die. Draining her of her blood, Katherine is left for dead on the floor…or so we think!

Next week Silas is up and running and ready to die!

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode?