Music Monday: Venus

Lady Gaga, that extraterrestrial being, has taken us out of this world once again with her new song “Venus”.

Paying homage to Venus, goddess of love and beauty, I must say its 80’s retro vibe is pretty catchy. I can’t even begin to imagine how the music video for this will turn out. Not one to simplify her work of art, and yes whether you’re a Gaga fanatic or not she produces art, I’m sure we’ll get a rather extravagant music video for this song.

On point for another great dance hit, I also better be seeing a great dance routine for this single. Her up and coming album ARTPOP is scheduled to be out on November 11 and already has fans going wild from all the snippets that have been released. Due to give us something totally different from her last album Born This Way, I’ll be keeping my ears open for new Gaga songs.

“When you touch me I die just a little inside, I wonder if this could be love?”

Could this be love? Let me know your thoughts on Lady Gaga’s new song!

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