#MusicMonday: Crusin’ Music Playlist [Audio]


Sometimes you just need to get in the car and drive, drive, drive!

And other times, more than likely, you’re just stuck in traffic and need something to clear your mind after a stressful day and that is why I created this playlist on Spotify.

It’s a selective playlist that only features 13 songs at this moment but will increase as I hear more that I find fitting. I have a random taste in music that range from pop to rock to country to Spanish-language jams but this one has light tempo songs with the likes of A Rocket to the Moon, Jack’s Mannequin, Train and more.

So on this Music Monday I figured I could share this for anyone willing to listen. Feel free to give me more suggestions and maybe I’ll add them!

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Music Monday: The Maine – “Miles Away”

Happy Monday music lovers!

Tonight’s “Music Monday” selection comes from The Maine and their new single “Miles Away” that was released last week.

The fun, up-beat jam has a killer chorus that makes you bob your head up and down and throw your arms up in the air. All throughout I catch myself tapping my foot and thanks to the lyric video above I can sing along.

“I didn’t ever want to come down, from that West Coast rush and summer high, and easy, peaceful sense of time, (I feel so alive).”

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Music Monday: ‘Animals’ by Maroon 5


That is all I can say about the new music video for “Animals” from Maroon 5.

The sizzling vid takes us to a whole other level that honestly we were not expecting but we kinda dig…no? maybe? OK fine, maybe too far.

Anyways, the song is a HIT and I can’t get it out of my head. It’s on constant repeat and overall I have to say that Maroon 5’s latest album, “V,” is pretty awesome.

ALSO SEE: MUSIC MONDAY –  Iggy Azalea feat. Rita Ora “Black Widow”

It already reached No. 1 on the Billboard charts and “Maps” and “Animals” are heating up the airwaves. But let’s get back to the video.

Behati Prinsloo, wife of Adam Levine, stars as the innocent prey of stalkerish Levine. He is UB-sessed, does the usual following, picture taking, admiring, imagines being with her and then things get super freaky!

ALSO SEE: MUSIC MONDAY – ‘Lost Stars’ – Adam Levine/Keira Knightley from ‘Begin Again’

Blood, sex, sweat and tears are the theme here and the lyrics don’t “lie, lie, lie, lie…you can’t deny, ny, ny, ny.”

Watch for yourself and tell me what ya think!

xoxo Liz Cal.

Music Monday: Keira Knightley “Like A Fool” Begin Again

This weekend I literally got blown away by how amazing, inspiring and beautiful “Begin Again” was. The new indie film starring Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo and Adam Levine was nothing less than perfection.

Seriously though, not many people I told knew about this movie but I highly recommend it. It made all the emotions I could feel come out and it told such a beautiful life story about growing up, going after your dreams, change and what would you do if it all happened to you and you had to choose, fame, money, career and/or love.

That wasn’t even the half of it though. What made me go bonkers and bananas for it was the music. The pure, raw, emotional music and lyrics that came out of Keira Knightley was luminous and outstanding. She is a gem! Every single song she sang was incredibly put together and I commend the writers and musicians that worked on this soundtrack because I am totally buying it.

Now this song, “Like A Fool,” was one of my favorites, no joke in the movie it almost made me cry…ok it might have. But just listen to it and let me know what you think.

Happy Monday peeps!

❤ L.C.

Music Monday: “A Sky Full Of Stars” – Coldplay

OK so I am obsessed with everything Coldplay and this performance of their latest hit, “A Sky Full of Stars” on The Voice is exceptional!

The way that the light, the stage and the performance blends so well just makes me so happy and brightens my mood. And hey, who doesn’t need a mood booster every once in a while.

So begin the week with a little bit of my favorite band and one of their best songs.

Music Monday: Foster The People – “Coming of Age”

This week on “Music Monday” I bring you a semi-oldie but goodie!

“Coming of Age” by Foster The People is catchy and oh-so-good, I would even go ahead and say it beats “Pumped up Kicks,” but that’s just me.

It’s currently on repeat on te radio and I turn it up whenever I hear it.

Listen to this song and let me know what you think.

Music Monday: “Cool Kids” – Echosmith

So I find it interesting, maybe not to you guys, but on my way driving to work I like to listen to the talk shows. No music please.

That’s my time to listen to what Ryan Seacrest, Valentine or Carson Daly have to tell me and catch up on any new entertainment news, basically prez for work.

So when I return back to my car and head back home after sitting all day writing about all the latest news in Hollywood I change things up and like to listen to music.

Please no top 40 though.

I decide to listen to alternative, indie music or 90’s jams. Believe me I love “Happy” and Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty,” but if I listen to “Dark Horse” one more time I might as well rip out my radio.

So anyway, today I heard a new song that had me very excited. The artist is Echosmith and the song is “Cool Kids.”

I apologize for the lack of research on them but basically I dig this jam!

It’s edgy, it’s simple, it’s mellow yet catchy.

Tell me what you think, send me music suggestions, make me a mix CD, basically give me new tunes.

Enjoy “Cool Kids” on this fine Monday night and countdown the days until the weekend with me.

Music Monday: Bruno Mars – 2014 Halftime Performance

Killing it doesn’t even begin to describe what Bruno Mars did at the 48th Super Bowl Halftime Show.

While many were thinking it was never going to measure up to last year’s Beyoncé show, they were right. But, in all honesty Bruno Mars did a spectacular job and it was classic and beautiful. No raunchy, no twerking, just plain, good ‘ol fashion music with a little soul.

I mean did you see his sweet dance moves and snazzy gold blazer? His voice speaks volumes and his melodies transcend any booty shakin beat. This was an outstanding performance, suitable for anyone and everyone. The Red Hot Chili Peppers added a rock vibe but we know it was Bruni’s show and I must say I enjoyed every minute of it.

Re-watch or watch his performance for the first time and just sit back and relax.

Music Monday: “Get Lucky” Daft Punk

Why not celebrate Daft Punk’s great victory from last night’s Grammy’s with the song that started their comeback!

“Get Lucky” came out about 9 months ago and this baby was booming on all the airwaves. This hit song and album, “Random Access Memories” earned them 4 Grammys with the honor of having Album of the Year.

Take a listen and jam out!

#MM: “Holler” by Spice Girls #TB

Now for a throwback Music Monday, I bring you “Holler” by The Spice Girls.

I recently found my SP greatest hits cd and jammed out to it this weekend. It made me start watching old Spice Girls videos and now I have to share one that I loved!

“Holler” was released in 2000 from their third studio album, Forever. This was a more mature and R&B feel than their classic pop hits. Geri Halliwell had left the spice girls two years prior to the release of this song and was greatly missed.

Enjoy and remember to “Spice Up Your Life”