Music Monday: The Maine – “Miles Away”

Happy Monday music lovers!

Tonight’s “Music Monday” selection comes from The Maine and their new single “Miles Away” that was released last week.

The fun, up-beat jam has a killer chorus that makes you bob your head up and down and throw your arms up in the air. All throughout I catch myself tapping my foot and thanks to the lyric video above I can sing along.

“I didn’t ever want to come down, from that West Coast rush and summer high, and easy, peaceful sense of time, (I feel so alive).”

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Quoting it up…

One of my favorite lines: “What if what I think is great really is great, but not as great as something greater?” – Matthew McConaughey, The Wedding Planner 💭

– Heath Ledger, 10 Things I Hate About You

- Jason Mraz, “The Remedy”

Trendsetting Tuesday: Pharrell & Cara Delevingne in Chanel Short Film

It is here!

The Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld created short film, “Reincarnation,” starring Pharrell Williams and Cara Delevingne.

The stars are the protagonists in the 7 minute film inspired by the story of how Gabrielle Chanel was inspired to create the famous Chanel jacket after seeing one gorgeous piece on a bellboy, interpreted by Pharrell.

The duo also play the roles of an Austrian emperor and his queen while they waltz to “CC The World” sung  by none other than the model and singer.

The film debuted Dec. 1 at the Chanel’s Métiers d’Art collection runway presentation.

Now enjoy!

Music Video Monday: Fall Out Boy – “Centuries”

Today for Music Monday we’ll take it back, but not too far back to Fall Out Boy’s music video for “Centuries.”

I had this in my drafts and finally decided that I should publish it, call it laziness or just because I had to take a break from typing all day and this is what was easiest and I’m currently typing my recap of “The Originals.” Haha anyway…

It’s funny how FOB went through a stage where they were super cool, then it was nerdy to like them and then they went away and when they got back together they were the “IT” thing. I mean I always liked them, I wasn’t like a die-hard fan but I enjoyed their tunes.

So take a moment and listen to this song on your Monday night and tell me if you like or dislike.

Robin Williams: My Tribute To A Legend


It’s a sad and heartbreaking time for family and fans of the late comedian and genius Robin Williams.

As news broke out yesterday, August 11th, that everyone’s favorite and beloved entertainer left the world, we were all in utter shock.

I’m sitting here watching the ABC 20/20 episode on his life and death and I am in limbo between laughter and tears. It’s so difficult to take it all in, that someone who brought so much joy and laughter to the world couldn’t make himself happy.

As I watch his interviews with Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer you notice things that you’ve never noticed before. He was always “on,” he would put on an act and even told Walters that it was more fun to play than to just be regular. Not many people noticed his inner demons because he was just such a great performer. But who ever just stopped him to ask how he was? To be honest after watching this it seemed that they did, but he would shy away from it and just turn to humor.

In dark times he hid and thought he could do it on his own, according to the special he thought no one would notice…but they did.

“It’s a small voice, but it’s always the same one…just one, just jump,” confessed to Sawyer.

I’ve never been so saddened and devastated by a famous person’s death. Must be that I wasn’t as attached to them, but with Robin Williams it was different. I can honestly say that “Aladdin” is my favorite Disney movie, but not only did I adore his character Genie, I knew that it was Williams. His presence in any film was outstanding and you just smiled when he would come on screen. “Jumanji,” “Flubber,”Hook” are all part of my generation as a child and I can most definitely say that I will miss him.

It’s so hard to understand how you can miss and be so sad about losing someone you didn’t even know, but clearly I’m not the only one.

I can’t even begin to imagine how his actual friends and family feel at this moment. The shock, the grieving, the devastation would be too much. I just hope people don’t over do it with the reporting of how he died. I won’t even mention it here, I know you all probably know. It’s not about the details, it’s not about what he was doing and why he did it. It’s about realizing that sometimes people get so caught up in their own personal problems and issues, whether they are rich and famous, poor and lonely, sometimes having it all doesn’t bring you what you truly need.

As this story continues to unfold I hope that we can just reflect on his career and appreciate the man who made so many of us laugh. Whether he himself was truly happy, I think he was. But I also think that he probably got to a point where he was so blurred and disoriented that maybe no one could help him and I truly believe he tried to change before he just couldn’t.

So tonight I pray for him…and for his family and friends. May you rest in peace and know that millions of people loved and adored you.

“Genie…you’re free…”

You’ll always be a prince to us.

The Complete List of Winners of The 2014 People’s Choice Awards

20140108-211507.jpgLast night we got our first list of award show winners for 2014 at The People’s Choice Awards. With a slap-your-knee hilarious intro video on set of 2 Broke Girls with many celeb cameos, the show hosted by Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs was a great way to kick off award season.

Musical performances by Sara Bareilles, Brad Paisley, Justin Timberlake and OneRepublic added a great vibe. Ellen Degeneres received her record breaking 14th awards for Favorite Talk Show Host while Sandra Bullock received the first award of the night.

Now let’s get to the good stuff! If you didn’t get a chance to watch the show, below is the complete list of winners.

Iron Man 3

Johnny Depp

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, The Heat

Iron Man 3

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Family Fun Christmas Movies #ABCFamily


Christmas is a time for family, food and fun. It’s a time to sit together with your loved ones and relax after opening gifts or just dinner and then watch some cheesy holiday movie that we know we all enjoy. While I KNOW there are a billion Christmas movies out there ranging from “The Santa Claus” to “Elf” to “Charlie Brown” to “The Grinch”, I caught myself searching through Netflix and stumbling upon some great ABC Family holiday favorites of mine.

Starting with “Christmas Cupid” which I recently discovered and good thing because it had Chad Michael Murray in it. Christmas Cupid stars Christina Milian, Ashley Benson and CCM and is the story of Sloan (Milian), a PR pro trying to move up in the ladder until her client dies and haunts her during Christmas warning her to change her ways. Think “The Christmas Carol” only with Hollywood execs.

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Winding Down on Wednesday: Wish List

Winding Down on Wednesday: Wish List

Michael Kors shoulder strap purse
$445 –

Jeffrey Campbell Bruni
$270 –

Every girl has a wish list, especially during this time of the year!
I’ve gathered a handful of items that I can certainly live without but wouldn’t mind having.
  1. Dot perfume by Marc Jacobs
  2. Michael Kors burgundy purse
  3. Michael Kors rings
  4. Jeffrey Campbell Bruni booties
  5. A good pair of white pointed toe heels
  6. Vinyl records from a variety of artists such as: No Doubt, The Fray, Panic @ the Disco!, Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Ellie Goulding, John Mayer, Adele, Paramore, The Maine, Eminem, The Strokes
  7. Old magazines with Victoria Beckham on the cover (a great eBay find!)
    :ELLE January 2008
    :VOGUE China August 2013
    :ELLE Norway/UK April 2013
    :Marie Claire November 2010
  8. The Vampire Diaries season DVDs

Music Monday: “Mirror” – Ellie Goulding

With the anticipation of The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire out soon, we have a new single from the soundtrack by Ellie Goulding.

“Mirror” gives fans that raspy, unique voice that we all love along with techno fantasy feeling. The 1:30 snippet provides us with just enough to get us hyped for the movie, the soundtrack and of course the full song.

Listen below!

Thoughts on the new single?

Rising Fashionista: Bailee Madison

bailee-teenvoOne thing that I love most about fashion is the ability to make an individual stand out! Clothes, when worn the right way, can give someone the power to be seen and praised.

My choice for Rising Fashionista is none other than actress Bailee Madison. At only the age of 14, Ms. Madison has worked with some of Hollywood’s top notch actors such as Billy Crystal, Jennifer Aniston, Bette Midler, Adam Sandler, Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman and many more. Now currently starring in the hit ABC sitcom Trophy Wife alongside Malin Akerman, Bailee can be seen just about anywhere these days in the more fashionable ensembles. bailee-younghol

Her sweetness and charm have made her the perfect role model for any teen out there. Making a name for herself in the best cocktail dresses, I’ve picked her latest appearances to showcase her great sense of style.

Always one to keep it simple and classy, Bailee does a great job showing us that even 14-year-olds can play in the same fashion field as some of Hollywood’s leading ladies.

Her choice of dresses are always age appropriate and having her hair and makeup be soft and girly reminds fans that you don’t always have to be over-the-top with makeup and accessorizing. I little does go a long way for this rising star.

One of my favorite looks is her green dress she has on in the gallery below. The color does wonders with her skin tone! Her sky blue dress she wore for the L.A. Loves Alex Lemonade event this year was perfection! Even attending a red carpet premiere she shines in a BCBG burgundy and leather get up!

Bailee’s got all the right choices when it comes to going out!

Which other starlet do you think is a rising fashionista? Comment below!