Music Monday: Bruno Mars – 2014 Halftime Performance

Killing it doesn’t even begin to describe what Bruno Mars did at the 48th Super Bowl Halftime Show.

While many were thinking it was never going to measure up to last year’s Beyoncé show, they were right. But, in all honesty Bruno Mars did a spectacular job and it was classic and beautiful. No raunchy, no twerking, just plain, good ‘ol fashion music with a little soul.

I mean did you see his sweet dance moves and snazzy gold blazer? His voice speaks volumes and his melodies transcend any booty shakin beat. This was an outstanding performance, suitable for anyone and everyone. The Red Hot Chili Peppers added a rock vibe but we know it was Bruni’s show and I must say I enjoyed every minute of it.

Re-watch or watch his performance for the first time and just sit back and relax.


The Vampire Diaries Recap: “500 Years of Solitude”


Welcome back to a new The Vampire Diaries and mid season premiere of “500 Years of Solitude”.  Refresh your memory on what happened back in December with “Fifty Shades of Grayson”.

Now it so happens that we left off with Katherine falling down the stairs from a heart attack. Another one suffering is Elena, who just got dumped by Damon. Damon in need of some guys night, decides to play a drinking game with Matt and Jeremy which is about who Katherine screwed over the most. Then with a call from Stefan, Elena, Caroline and Bonnie arrive to play as well. I think they’re going to need more booze.

Dying and annoyed Katherine just wants to end her life, even in death her vanity pours out like no other. Stefan is there to comfort her and musters up a little compassion. But maybe he shouldn’t. Then out of nowhere Nadia knocks out Matt while he’s getting more booze and Stefan goes to join the gang to drink but strangely praises Katherine. Oh and then it slips that Stefan slept with Katherine and Elena is just not having this new news. So Nadia arrives to tell them that they better help her keep Katherine alive or it’s goodbye Matt. Ugh she sucks!

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#MM: “Holler” by Spice Girls #TB

Now for a throwback Music Monday, I bring you “Holler” by The Spice Girls.

I recently found my SP greatest hits cd and jammed out to it this weekend. It made me start watching old Spice Girls videos and now I have to share one that I loved!

“Holler” was released in 2000 from their third studio album, Forever. This was a more mature and R&B feel than their classic pop hits. Geri Halliwell had left the spice girls two years prior to the release of this song and was greatly missed.

Enjoy and remember to “Spice Up Your Life”

Music Monday: “Goodness Gracious” by Ellie Goulding

Welcome to a New Year and new music for the week. We’re starting off with a brand new music video by Ellie Goulding.

“Goodness Gracious” is a fun, electro-fueled jam that features the gorgeous singer in sequins and bubblegum tones. Black lights, neon signs and her uber eccentric voice make this a great driving song to begin the year.

In her signature shorts and sneakers Ellie is pure gold!

#MM: “The Monster” Music Video – Eminem Feat. Rihanna

Not too long ago we heard “The Monster” by Eminem featuring Rihanna and now the music video has premiered and it is just as outstanding as we had imagined.

First we get a minute intro that is intriguing and the scene is set with Eminem sitting, watching a video mash-up of his life and music with words flashing on the screen such as Fame and Addiction. Flash to the side where we see a smoldering Rihanna with a fitted black dress and an A-line bob haircut.

As the song begins we see Marshall Mathers himself stuck in an elevator and at every stop we get a “re-make” of some of his greatest videos and songs starting with “Hi My Name Is” where Rihanna takes the place of Dr. Dre in the therapist chair. Next stop on the elevator ride is back to 8 mile with “Lose Yourself”.

It’s been less than a week since it premiered and it already has over 21 million views. Looks like The Real Slim Shady is back in the rap game for now. Speaking of rap game check out his other vid for “Rap God“.

#MM: “Rap God” – Eminem

Eminem is giving himself a new name, adding to his others such as Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers. This time he’s calling himself a Rap God, or at least beginning to feel like one.

His first music video from his recently released album Marshall Mathers LP 2 is six long minutes of pure genius. His robotic freestyle and lyrics along with an intense video show us he still has what it takes.

Make sure to also listen to his other great hit “The Monster” feat. Rihanna HERE.

Music Monday: “Christmas Time Again” – Backstreet Boys

Well hello December, my you’ve come up so quickly.

With only 23 days until Christmas, let’s welcome this new month with a little holiday cheer and bring you “Christmas Time Again” from the Backstreet Boys. This song, a sequel to their 2000 song “Christmas Time” brings a little more cheer and joy! Here seen performing at the 2012 Disney Christmas Parade enjoy the festive tune!

“Timber” by Pitbull feat. Ke$ha #MM

“Swing your partner round and round, end of the night it’s going down!” It’s a country booty shake down with Pitbull and Kesha‘s new song “Timber”!

Kesha’s bangin’ bod, cowgirl boots and Pitbull’s Latin flavor make this the new song country bars will be dancing to. “Timber” has reached the Billboard Top 10 and is off of Pitbull’s latest EP Meltdown. The song is full of two stepping, hips shaking and Pitbull livin la vida loca on the beach while Kesha jams out in her Daisy Dukes and black bikini at the bar.

Check out the video for yourself!

MM: “Bound 3” – James Franco and Seth Rogen

Umm…can we take a moment of silence for what new project James Franco and Seth Rogen have just created?

“Bound 2” by Kanye was released not too long ago with some surprising shots of Kimmy K. It didn’t take too long to have parodies come from left and right but I don’t think we expected this! “Bound 3” as the duo would like to call it have sure gone to another level on this video.

Go ahead and take a peek for yourself.

Music Monday: “Say Something” – A Great Big World feat. Christina Aguilera AMA’s 2013

Talk about hearts bursting and breaking from a breath taking performance by A Great Big World and the iconic Christina Aguilera at the 2013 American Music Awards last night.

The deep and sorrowful song is already lovely by itself but adding Christina’s perfect pitch made it out of this world. You could tell how into the emotional song she was and looked stunning with simple makeup and a classic black maxi. She was just perfection!

Check out the song and have your heart just sigh.